Underfloor heating is a very simple but effective way of providing a comfortably warm climate.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a very simple but effective way of providing a comfortably warm climate. With heat radiating from the floor upwards, heat is evenly distributed and comfort levels are maximised. In comparison, the heat from wall mounted radiators is confined to a small area and rises upwards leaving the temperature at floor level much lower.

An underfloor heating system can be combined with a standard central heating system so that some rooms have traditional wall mounted radiators and others have the heating under the floor.

It is easy to use. Individual room control is a common feature of under floor heating systems so you can adjust temperature settings in each room of the house. Underfloor heating allows you more usable space compared to other heating methods. Additionally, wet floors dry more quickly and décor is maintained due to lack of damp walls. It is efficient and money saving. Under floor heating systems can give you 10-30% energy saving over traditional heating methods.

Because underfloor heating helps to keep moisture content levels low, dust mites can be reduced which can aid asthma sufferers and those with other breathing difficulties or allergies.

At Heat Hampshire we specify Uponor underfloor heating products which feature Auto Balance Technology. Auto Balance Technology is patented technology unique to Uponor and only exists in our system. The function replaces the need for manual balancing of the loops. Instead of balancing the system for one peak load, the system calculates the actual energy needs in the single rooms over the heating season and adapts to those needs.

This gives more even floor temperatures, faster system reactions with lower energy consumption than any standard on/off system. You can save up to 12% on energy usage with ABT.

It goes on balancing through the changing seasons and throughout the household’s changing lifestyle and usage patterns. Most of all, you will love the true radiant comfort only Uponor radiant thermostats provide!